The very essence of all we do - LEDs in their raw form, ready for you to create magic...

LED Strip

Only the best '5050' strips make it into our shop... easy to fit, these are fantastic

LEDfantastic Shop

Welcome to the new LEDfantastic shop - where we offer you a comprehensive, researched and recommended selection of all you might need to begin or continue your journey of LEDiscovery.

From individual LEDs and resistors to remote control colour-change LED strip, via off-the-shelf household bulb replacements and hand-built lights, extensions and adapters, you have stepped into a unique emporium.

If you can't find what you are looking for, drop us a line via our Contact page. Often we will be able to help - whether that's by directing you to another company we recommend or by designing the answer to your needs ourselves.

Kit Instruction Videos are now fully online in low- and high-bandwidth versions. Follow the links from the kits page in this shop or go straight to the full menu here.

Spotlights & Bulbs

A small-but-perfectly-formed selection of tried & trusted LEDbulbs - mains and 12v


One of our most popular creations - directable LEDs on flexible arms


With on-line video instructions, our kits are educational and fun. Your first steps...


Plug n Power
Our 'in-house' collection of plugs and adapters - it all fits together beautifully...


Everything else you'll need to help create your own LEDmagic

Flexible Spotlights

Versatile, adaptable 12 volt Spotlights, get the light you want where you want it

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We post orders as soon as we can - usually within 24 hours. It will take us longer if we have to make items specially for you. If in doubt please email us before placing your order. We will always tell you if there will be a delay.

Our postal rates include insurance. If the actual postal charge is significantly less than what we ask, we will refund the difference.

We are happy to send any of our products to all of the EC and most of the rest of the world.
If you live somewhere far away we may have to charge more for carriage. Please write for details.

Postal rates below are for all EU countries...

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