How will I Power my Circuit?

If you want to make your kit easily portable then you should build something that runs off 'AA' rechargeable batteries. We supplied 'AA' kits with a battery box that holds 3 batteries. The battery box can be in a pocket or a hat, hidden in your artwork... wherever. Small wires to your LEDs can be totally hidden too.

If you are intending to use your LEDs anywhere fixed, then 12 volts is the way to go.

If you are in a small off-grid, solar or wind-powered home, you'll probably have 12v.

If you are in a vehicle then the available power is usually 12v (but make sure to ask someone who knows unless you are certain).

Sometimes vehicles have a 24v system... kits are available to run at the higher voltage.

If you are living anywhere with mains power you will need a mains 12v adapter, which we can supply.

You could use an old vehicle battery if you can get hold of one. This will need to be charged form time to time. Have a look at 12v Batteries for more information

To Sum Up...

If you want to be totally portable, small and easily hidden, look at 'AA' kits.
For everything else, you should look at the 12v kits.

'AA' kits are totally self-contained (although you will need to buy some batteries) but you may need some pointers as to how to link your kit up to 12v.

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