Recommended Equipment

You need surprisingly little to do a lot of things - if you went for top quality kit, the whole list below would cost less than £100. If you want bargain-basement, you'd get change from £40.

When we decided to stock an item it was on the basis of, first, quality and only secondarily, price. Now, your local hardware shop will appreciate your business, failing that a B&Q or similar. Or surf the net and take a chance...

Soldering Iron will cost from £10 to £25, we recommend Antex equipment.
Lead-free solder with a flux core.
Wire strippers.
Wire snips.
'Helping Hands' - holds your work while you do the tricky bits.
Insulation Tape.
Small flat-headed electrical screwdriver.
Good anglepoise spotlight (make one yourself - MR16 flexy spot with Hi-power spotlight?)
A piece of hardboard about A3 size (30cm x 40cm) to protect the dining table.

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