Guarantee, Terms & Conditions

We'd like to be informal and trusting about this sort of thing but experience has shown that some things just need spelling out so we all know where we stand.

LEDs are, as we know, fantastic. They are long-lasting and hard wearing. However, LEDs do not like excessive temperatures or unsteady voltages.

Unless you make use of our installation service, we have no control over where and how our LEDs are fitted or how they are powered.

So, our guarantee is that we will replace any and all of our products within 28 days of purchase for any reason whatsoever (if you have proof of purchase) unless it is apparent the devices in question have been fitted and/or used incorrectly. Customers can choose either a full refund, credit, or replacement product/s.

In normal use all of our products are guaranteed against manufacture and construction defects for two years from date of purchase - they will be replaced with a product of equal or greater value at our discretion. We may offer a refund.

Under no circumstances will LEDfantastic Ltd be held responsible for any damage/injury due to incorrect installation or safety precautions.
LEDfantastic does not recommend that any untrained personnel experiment in any way with any electrical device associated with LEDfantastic in any way. Whatsoever. If you are in any doubt consult a qualified professional.

We are, however, entirely human. If you have a problem with our service or products, please get in touch and we promise to do our absolute best to sort things out. If something is our fault we'll fix it.

If you live with old 240v wiring its possible your supply will damage sensitive 240v LEDs. You should know the state of your wiring and have it checked. In the case of old wiring its advisable to use 12v LEDs and an LED driver to convert 240v AC to 12v DC. This should iron out any irregularities in your supply voltage.

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