Ethical & Environmental Policy

As a radical co-op operating within an oppressive capitalist society, and as a Radical Routes worker's co-op, LEDfantastic is committed to upholding its politics and ethics. To this end:

1. LEDfantastic will actively resist all forms of prejudice and other forms of exploitation. This means regularly reviewing and critiquing our own politics and approaches to life, working to fit around our members'/associates'/customers' needs, and supporting others in resisting exploitation (see points 2 & 3).

2. It is assumed that strikes (whether general, industry-wide, or in solidarity) will be acknowledged and supported by LEDfantastic. Members are able to choose to actively support any industrial actions they deem appropriate.

3. LEDfantastic will support its members in resisting exploitation. This could mean time off work, changes to working hours, and explicit public support of their actions.

4. LEDfantastic will not knowingly trade with companies or organisations involved in the exploitation of people, animals, or the environment for profit, or those which have an unacceptably high or negligent negative social and environmental impact.

5. LEDfantastic will support ethical businesses where possible. This includes banking with ethical banks/building societies, and trading with (and otherwise supporting, through investment when possible) co-operatives and social enterprises.

6. LEDfantastic endeavours to reduce the amount of pollution it creates by reusing resources (paper, electrical components, etc.) where possible, sharing resources with other groups where practical, using recycled paper in our office, reducing energy use in our work environments, encouraging the use of bikes and public transport, and recycling waste where possible.

7. LEDfantastic will use open source software whenever possible. Our website is hosted by Green ISP.

We will consider all of these ideals when choosing services and trading.

We will prioritise supporting groups and organisations that share our commitment to a radical and ecological view of society.

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