If you are a professional person or body, you will understand that experience is hard-won and advice is worth paying for. To this end we levy a fixed scale of charges.

If you are a private individual or a group with limited resources we offer a sliding scale on application.

In all cases, if the consultation results in an order for goods or services, the cost of the consultancy will be offset against the eventual charge at a rate of 20%.
For instance, a consultancy charge of £100 would be refunded from a final bill £1500 (net bill = £1400) but only £60 of the same £100 would be refunded from a smaller final bill of £300 (net bill = £240).

If no LED work is undertaken within 24 months of accessing our consultancy service we would consider refunding the original consultancy fee.

Our standard fee is £50 per hour (including travel time) plus £0.50 per mile traveled.
This includes all services undertaken as directed by the client.

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