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Here, you will find everything you need to start your journey into the world of LEDs

We deliver workshops that enlighten, educate and entertain, offer a bespoke design and installation service and provide the kits and components you need to create your own ultra-low energy LED magic.

We offer a professional consultancy service to architects, designers and commisioners in the public and private sectors. We are equipped to undertake all forms of mains electrical work from PAT testing to whole-building re-fits.

We maintain an in-depth knowledge base to help you understand and plan your own LED revolution... and we source, test, sell and guarantee LED lights, bulbs, strips and modules in a wide range of styles and fittings...

Releasable Cable Ties

Favourite Stuff
Enough of throwaway cable ties messing up the land, these make us very happy...get your Re-usable Cable Ties while they're hot!

The Knowledge

The Knowledge
Want to know how?.. look here!
All our experience distilled into useful chunks - video kit instructions, all the things you need to know for LED success and Advanced stuff you may never need...!

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As well as what has become standard summer busyness here at LEDfantastic, we've also been very excited about these fancy new...

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